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Training support and tune-up

From bi-weekly support on a horse that is regularly ridden by its owner, to re-training a very messed-up horse, a tune-up might need to be approached from very different angles depending on the situation.

In some cases, the owner is mostly doing a good job working her horse on her own. But either to keep a professional eye on the horse’s progression, or because a misalignment in the rider’s position is taking a little while to fix and is making the horse cranky, or the level reached is getting where the rider has to learn at the same time than the horse and confusing him, a light support is all that’s needed with once or twice/week sessions. It can also be made to coincide with the days when the owner cannot come to the barn so it allows the horse to receive a more consistent work schedule.

In other instances, the horse got a little more confused than what the rider can handle, or had a long break in its training for any reason, or has never really received any formal training. In this case some daily work for some time might be the best route to take. It might also be that the rider is ready for the next level and needs her horse to be started over jumps or be taken to the high school level of dressage. The length of the training will have to be assessed with each individual situation.

Rising in difficulty, we can also find horses that need a complete makeover. Some horses have more sensitive predispositions than others, and because of this might get themselves in trouble when trained or handled by people who do not have the competence or the sensitivity required to match their over-reactive minds. Those horses often have an incredible potential that is worth nurturing. The earliest they are sent to a competent professional, the best chance of redemption they have. It does often take time to reassure those animals though, so be ready for a possibly lengthy rehab. However, they are often worth it, as what usually gets them in trouble in the first place is extra talent, and correct reassurance can make them grateful forever after.


1 session: $65

2 sessions/week: $400/month

Full time: $1,000

Each session will run between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the needs of the horse, not including tacking up, with an average of 40/50 minutes each day.