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School of Riding

Christine Honoré Wehling offers group lessons for children and adults at all levels, from 9 to 99 years old (some private kiddie lessons are proposed for children 6 to 8).  The lessons are once per week for the lower levels and twice per week for intermediate to advanced riders, with the possibility to do more if desired.

Christine uses the program given by the French Equestrian Federation, following 7 different levels, called Gallops.  Students learn riding, safety, daily horse care and health care.  By the time they master the 7th Gallop, students are able to care for and ride horses of different breeds and personalities, safely and independently in dressage (2nd level), jumping (3 ½ foot course), cross country and trail riding.  The 7th Gallop is not the end of the journey but the beginning of a passionate quest.

Christine is able to follow up with students who want to become real masters in the art of dressage, but for those who prefer jumping, the 7th Gallop will allow them to go on learning with the best masters.

There are only a few opportunities for weekly private lessons, open to serious and punctual riders.

So many things are happening at the barn, especially in summer: check out the summer camps, and all the social and volunteer opportunities.


Students need to be a minimum of 9 years old to ride in group lessons.
Group lessons are 1h long and private lessons are 50mn.
Lessons run weekly from the start of school in September, to the beginning of summer break in June.  There are a few group lessons only (no private) during the summer season.  Lessons are canceled when the wind-chill falls bellow 10, or during snow storms.
Learning to ride is hard and takes time: students are expected to attend from September to June.  New to horses?
Kiddie lessons are private sessions about 50 mn long, every other week, open to children 6 to 8.
Summer camps are the best to add a lot of learning and horse cuddling!  Check it out on the summer camp page!


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