School of Riding, Education for Horses




French native Christine Honoré Wehling moved to Northfield in 2002.  She began teaching in France when she was 16, and training at age 18.  Her experiences include eventing, working with classical dressage horses at a major French horse circus, and extensive teaching of children and adults.

In France, while warmbloods and thoroughbreds were the main breeds used in schools and for competition, baroque breeds were preferred at the circus, giving Christine a wide range of experiences with very different types of horses. Since her move in the States, she added Quarter Horses, Mustangs and even Saddlebreds and Icelandics to her list. She has extensive experience rehabilitating compromised horses, going from slightly confused to deemed un-trainable animals.

While highly inspired by all the classical masters, the influence of the American trainers is undeniable, and adds extra tools for training the horses. And while giving students a strong equitation education before having to help them with their own mount is of course the ideal progression, having to help beginner rider/horse owners has made the use of the American’s training techniques an indispensable tool.